Tuesday, May 5, 2015

News About Norristown's Great Food

I just wanted to catch everyone up on the good new things that are happening with Norristown restaurants.

First, Sessano's Cafe & Deli opened at their second location yesterday--downtown at Airy and Swede, where Courthouse Grill used to be. You can still find them in their original location, in Logan Square, on Markley to the right of Impact. I highly recommend their award-winning roast pork sandwiches. They specialize in Italian sandwiches (pork, meatball, sausage and their "special") and also have other hot and cold sandwiches, salads, wraps, soups, etc. In their new location, they'll be participating in Fourth Fridays Downtown this month. Join me in wishing them good luck in the new place. You can view their menu at this link.

Zachary's BBQ, on Markley Street next to Astor Plaza, partnered with Feed The Burbs landscaping company over the winter. They planted an herb garden in front of the restaurant, doing community gardening workshops through the process. The herb garden is now in and Chef Keith Taylor invites everyone to come, check it out and learn a little about how food gets from the garden to the table. Zachary's is also planning an expansion of their shop--stay tuned. They specialize in soul food and barbecue, and even smoke their own meats out back. What do I recommend? Just about everything, but I'm particularly fond of their pulled pork, their baked beans (made with pineapple), and their hoppin' john (black-eyed peas with rice and peppers). See their menu at this link.

Diva's Kitchen is in the process of moving to 9 W. Main Street--into the old McDivitt's Pharmacy building, next to the big bank building at Main and Swede. They were in the North End at Johnson Highway and Pine. They should be in their new place in June (hopefully in time to participate in Fourth Friday), but in the meantime, this month they were serving up their fried chicken, fish and soul food sides at the Public Square last Fourth Friday from noon to two (and hopefully will be doing the same this month on May 22nd). They offer a wide range of entrees--chicken, seafood, pork chops, turkey wings, burgers, etc., as well as salads and a few different soul food sides than you'll find at Zachary's. They also have salads, soups and sandwiches. I especially like their cabbage, but their sweet potatoes are my hands down favorite--best in Norristown. You can check out their menu at this link.

Yesterday I had amazing pineapple ice cream. Where from? Banh Mi Bar & Bistro at 31 W. Main. This month until May 25, they're giving away FREE ice cream in waffle cones when you come in and dine between 6 and 8 pm. The ice cream is fresh and local, from Tanner Bros. Diary in Richboro, PA. Banh Mi has started offering different giveaways and specials almost nightly, which you can find on their Facebook page. Banh Mi specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, particularly in the sandwich that gives the restaurant its name. Banh Mi is the Vietnamese word for bread, specifically the baguette. Wait, that's French, right? The French colonized what is now Vietnam and greatly influenced the cooking. So the Banh Mi is sort of like a hoagie, served on a baguette, with meat or fish, but garnished with fresh vegetables. You can also get the stuffings served as sliders or tacos. Other offerings include pho soup (I LOVE their chicken pho), rice or noodle bowls, and some unique items like quail and waffles, whole prawns, plus banana rolls for dessert. If they do their crawfish festival again this summer, go to it. Last year I got crawfish in cheese and garlic, sort of like a scampi--it was delicious. Banh Mi also participates in Fourth Fridays. Check out their menu at this link.

So there is just some of what's going on with our restaurants. I should mention that they're all family businesses, and they all do catering as well. I just realized, it's Cinco de Mayo and I didn't mention one Mexican restaurant. Okay, I promise I'll try to post about them and other places in the coming weeks. Get out and try some of these great eateries.

But today, maybe go eat a taco.

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