Monday, May 4, 2015

Council's Short Agenda This Week

Not much of great importance on Council's agenda for tomorrow night. You can read the whole agenda at this link. The meeting is at 7:30 pm, Tuesday, in Municipal Hall.

They're voting on only 4 items:

1. Approval for a temporary construction easement within the Access  easement Area for the purpose of constructing the emergency access lane regarding 900 Sandy Street now known as 900 Luxor Lane. I suppose "Sandy Street" doesn't sound ritzy enough for them.
17 East Airy

2. Approval of the usual requests for handicapped parking signs and to remove ones confirmed as no longer needed.

223 East Oak
3. The most important item: acceptance of the audited financial statement for 2011 and 2012. Now we're only 2 years behind.

527 Stanbridge
4. And approval of the HARB certificates for 17 East Airy, 223 East Oak, 527 Stanbridge, and 501 Astor. The HARB board oversees changes to the facades of buildings in our historic districts to make sure they'll still look historic after renovations. It's great that these properties ARE being renovated (though hopefully not being chopped up into more apartments inside). I always loved the 2nd floor side porch on 501 Astor.
501 Astor

So that's it. Should be a short meeting.

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