Saturday, May 16, 2015

Candidates for State Supreme Court Justice

The State Supreme Court is the highest judicial tribunal in Pennsylvania. They exclusively hear appeals. Basically, if you lose a case in the Common Pleas Court, you can usually appeal it all the way up the ladder through the Commonwealth or Superior Court to the State Supreme Court, assuming you can afford to do so. The thing about this office is that if a candidate has been a judge in one of the other 2 appellate courts, it's a given that they already have the training and experience to do this job. What you should decide is if other candidates like Common Pleas Judges or other attorneys would be able to jump past the intermediary courts to hold the highest state position.

On next Tuesday's ballot, there are 12 individuals running for the office--6 on the Republican ballot and 6 on the Democratic ballot. Of the 6 on your ballot, you'll be asked to choose 3. The 3 who win on each side will appear in on the ballot in the fall election. I've included a link for each candidate's bio, their current position and where they're from. If you want to know anymore, use the link yourself. Please don't contact me to do your research for you.

On the REPUBLICAN ballot:

Coreale Stevens - He's the incumbent, running for reelection. State Supreme Court Judge since 2013. He has no website that I could find. Lives in Northeastern PA.

Anne Covey - Currently a judge on the Commonwealth Court. Office is in Doylestown.

Rebecca Warren - District Attorney in Montour County (near Wilkes-Barre).

Mike George - Currently the President Judge of the Adams County Court of Common Pleas. Lives near Gettysburg.

Cheryl Allen - Superior Court Judge since 2007. From Pittsburgh.

Judy Olson - Superior Court Judge since 2009. From Pittsburgh area.

On the DEMOCRATIC ballot:

David Wecht - Superior Court Judge since 2012. Court of Common Pleas before that since 2003. From Pittsburgh.

Christine Donahue - Superior Court Judge since 2007. From Pittsburgh.

Kevin Dougherty - Currently Administrative Judge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

John Henry Foradora - President Judge of Common Pleas, Jefferson County (western PA, near Clarion).

Anne Lazarus - Superior Court Judge since 2009. Lives in Philadelphia.

Dwayne D. Woodruff - Judge of Court of Common Pleas, Allegheny County. His website talks more about his career as a Pittsburgh football player than his judicial qualifications.

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