Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No April Fools' Joke

The notice below was posted online yesterday by the Norristown PD and I wanted to pass it along. The thing is, the Water Company really has been doing work in certain areas (my block, for instance) which lends credibility to the scammers in the notice below.

We've also had guys on our block in the last few months claiming to be "working with PECO" but all they seem to be after is a look at papers that might have identity theft info. Pretty much the best advice is don't even open the door to anyone you don't know, even if they're wearing a hard hat and carrying clipboard or have an ID tag around their necks. ID tags are easily faked.

Ditto anyone who gives you a line like, "Our company is installing windows down the block and we're offering a discount to the neighbors." That's your basic home improvement scam. They might claim to be roofers, exterminators, home security or whatever. Just call 911 on them.

Here's the Police Department's notice:

Police are warning residents about scams whereby possible criminals, posing as “Water Company” or similar public utility workers are trying to enter homes by telling residents that they need to “Check the water pipes.”

Police are reminding all residents to be cautious when allowing any worker access into their homes or businesses.

Remember: Stop and think: Are you expecting anyone to come to your home? Remember that most utility companies won’t send a worker to your home unannounced. They usually will make an appointment before showing up.

Utility workers will always have proper identification including their picture and Utility Company name. Look for the company logo on the person’s uniform and vehicle. In most cases, all public utilities have the ability to make any checks for proper service at points outside of the home. Call the worker’s utility company using the directory assisted listed phone number to confirm the workers identity and work order. If you are elderly or home alone, have the worker schedule an appointment for another time when you can be accompanied by another person.

Call the police immediately and report any suspicious activity or people trying to enter or moving around your or your neighbor’s home.

If you have doubts, just call 911.

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