Monday, April 6, 2015

New Trash Containers

Many households in the West End have received their new trash barrels. I haven't seen any around the rest of town but presumably we'll all have them soon. I have one word of advice for everyone--since we'll soon all have trash containers that look exactly alike, and since Mascaro employees NEVER leave our containers on our own property, at least in neighborhoods where the houses are close together--I suggest that everyone somehow put their house numbers on their containers. Paint is probably the best medium, though stick on house numbers might work, too.

Both containers that each house receives will be fire-engine red--one with a red lid for trash, one with a blue lid for recycling. I THINK the word "Recycling" and "Trash" are also printed on the barrels, for those of us who are color blind, and against the eventual loss of the lids, which is probably inevitable.

ALL recycling can be mixed in the recycling container. No sorting required. For a list of what should and shouldn't be recycled, go to this link. It's a PDF, so print it off and keep it as a reference.

In a month or so, when everyone has their receptacles, I'll take a look around town and see how they're working out. Stay tuned.

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