Monday, April 13, 2015

More About Our New Trash Cans

I mentioned last week that the West End had received their new trash containers. By the end of the week, they had received their new recycling containers.

The photo above was circulated a few weeks ago by the Municipality, leading us to believe that this is what the new cans look like. And they do sort of. From what I've heard from West End residents, the real new cans are different in one way.

In the photo, they're imprinted with the words "Recycling" on one and "Trash only" on the other. But the real cans have no printing other than Mascaro's logo. If you take their lids off, all the containers look EXACTLY alike.

That means that when lids come off through ordinary wear-and-tear (translation: as Mascaro's workers throw them around weekly), we'll have absolutely NO WAY to tell the containers apart. Which means all the recycling will start going into the trash truck. Or people who need extra trash containers will rip the lids off their (or their neighbors') recycling containers.

So I'll amend my suggestion from last week. Not only should you paint your house number on your containers, but probably you should paint the words "Recycling" and "Trash" on them as well.


  1. Today is our first day on Noble Street for both cans. I also should point out both cans are the same size although the picture shows the recycling can is smaller. The municipality and Home Depot has recycling stickers to place on cans as well. I did this when my recycling can was ran over and I had to use a regular trash can. I will email you an update of how our first day went.

  2. So what if we have more then one can of trash because i usually have 2-3? Will they still take the trash if it different trash cans? And as a long time resident who pays at least 300+ a year for trash removal I know I dont have the money to spend to buy an extra can?! SO how will this work just corious as I never recieved any info about this happening.? I only saw it on FB