Friday, March 13, 2015

Events for the Coming Week

I'll get to events in a minute, but first another word about TRASH. It's trash collection day in neighborhood. I came home from teaching and went out back to take in my trash and recycling containers. The recycling had been picked up. All my neighbors' trash had been picked up, in fact next door's cans were lying in my driveway instead of in front of their garage. The lid to my trash can was off, ALL MY TRASH WAS STILL IN MY CAN. This is the second time this has happened in as many months and it's happened several times before. Really, Mascaro? Aren't I the LAST person you'd want to annoy after my blogs and the tremendous community response to them? Do you understand why residents are so frustrated with the poor service we're getting?

My second rant is about the calendar on Don't believe all the listings. I don't know if it's a glitch in the system or human error, but it's repeating events that are over, like Theatre Horizon's run of "Into The Woods," listing wrong days--for instance for the Easter Bunny Brunch at the Zoo, and listing all events as free whether they are or not. Check EVERY listed event on the organization's website. Frankly no community calendar would be better than what we've got now.

Okay, on to the upcoming events:

Saturday from 3 to 7 pm at Almaz Cafe, 210 W Main, the Norristown Youth Eagles Football & Cheer teams will host a Beef & Beer as a fundraiser. Music, raffles, 50/50. Tickets are on sale now. Contact Rowan Watson,  484-213-0744 or Percy Jones at 484-714-7666.

Saturday at 8 pm, Crying Sam Second Saturday Jazz at August Moon, 300 E Main, will feature The Barbara Walker Story. $10 fee, 2 drink minimum.

Monday is Conversation with your Commissioners at Municipal Hall. A town-hall type discussion with Montco Commissioners. No time was given on the calendar so I'm not sure how they expect people to show up.

Tuesday 6:30 pm at Municipal Hall, Council Workshop Meeting. No agenda yet.

Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm at Jus' Java, 317 Swede, the Norristown Business Association presents the first in a series of business seminars. The topic is "Using Facebook to Promote Your Business." Find out how to create a page for your business. If you already have a page, find out ways to get the most effective promotion from it. Bring a laptop if you have one. Free to NBA members, $5 for non-members. (I personally listed this on the town calendar. I did NOT list it as free but it's coming up that way.) You must RSVP to

Wednesday, 6:30 pm at Norristown Library (Powell and Swede), "Finances for Women." Star Alfriend, of New York Life, presents a seminar which covers a subject matter that is on the minds of many women: the importance of building a financial foundation. Those who attend will leave with a greater understanding of the topics discussed as well as Star's promise to help them further, should they need it.

Wednesday, 7:30 pm at Jus' Java., Open Words Norristown. $10 at door, $5 online.
Next Saturday, March 21 from 11 am-12:30 pm at the Norristown Library (outside the main entrance on Powell St). "Grow Food in The Shade." The shade from trees and houses make it difficult for many types of flowers to blossom, but after this workshop you’ll know all about how to grow edible plants in the shade.  $5 per workshop. You must register for these programs ahead of time. Information at


  1. Has anyone contacted the Mascaro Co about the problems ?

    1. I called Mascaro and they did send someone out to get my trash. They'll also send someone out if you call to complain when their guys leave trash all over the alley (which happens a lot). Their customer service IS good. But we shouldn't have to call in the first place.

  2. I agree you should not have to call, but how else would they know there is a problem. If you call once it could be looked at as a mistake, but if that kind of service continues, it is not a mistake and the only way to get it rectified is to keep calling until the crew is reprimanded and corrections made. Their office only knows what you tell them, if they do not correct it then call city hall and let them know so that the next time the contract comes around they will know how to deal with it.

    1. When I said we shouldn't have to call, I meant that the residents shouldn't bear the full burden of Mascaro's mistakes. I call whenever they screw up as should everyone else. They come out and correct the problem each time, but NEVER seem to let the crews know what they did wrong. So I find myself calling every 2 or 3 weeks. This isn't acceptable. We shouldn't have to call that often.

  3. I agree that you shouldn't have to call that often, but when it occurs that frequently they are not mistakes, it is negligence on the part of the contractor for letting it continue. To resolve this Document the times and the dates and take pictures then take them to Council and air the complaints. This would show what kind of contractors they are hiring. They are spending your tax dollars to hire someone that is supposed to do a good job for you and the rest of the community. It is a two way street, they don't pick up items that the are not contractually responsible for, and I am sure their contract does not say that they can do a ship shod job