Monday, March 16, 2015

Commissioners Town Hall-Late Notice

Thanks to Linda Christian for sending out information about tonight's "Conversations with your Commissioners" at 7 pm at Norristown Borough Hall (235 East Airy St). So the holes in the information on the calendar have been filled in the nick of time.

This is the 3rd in a series of 6 town hall meetings by the Montgomery County Commissioners, supposedly to give residents of the county the opportunity to discuss a wide range of subjects. However, they publicized this one so late, I'm not sure how big their audience will be.

The Commissioners came to Norristown last year for a similar town meeting.  At that time, they set it up so that residents who couldn't attend in person could send their questions in via the internet. No place that I've checked (the County website, Facebook) says anything about an email or live streaming connection this time, so I guess they aren't doing that again. Disappointed because I probably won't be able to get to the meeting due to not hearing about it in time.

This meeting was very poorly advertised. It wasn't posted on Facebook until just last Friday that I could find. The press release on the County site (link above) was also dated March 13. The first place I saw it listed was on the calendar on Friday, and as I said in that day's events blog, no time was included.

So if you can get there tonight, please go. Ask them why this meeting was a big secret until last Friday. If I can't get there and you want to send me a summary of what goes on, I'd be happy to post it here on the Diary later this week.

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