Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Council's Agenda, Blarney and All

Tonight is the Norristown Municipal Council Workshop at 6:30 pm in the 1st floor conference room at Municipal Hall. You can read the agenda at this link. 
It's also St. Patrick's Day and the first item for discussion is blarney if I ever heard it -- developer Sarah Peck's request "to discuss the interpretation of the permit fees assessed to the Arbor Mews Project." I'm guessing she's asking because she doesn't want to permit fees. I'm guessing that because, frankly, that's Ms. Peck's M.O. Every time she does a project in Norristown, she either asks for money or asks that fees be waived. And for the most part, Council has given her what she wants. Would someone please explain to Ms. Peck, and to Council, that there's such a thing as "the cost of doing business?" Her solution to all the complaints from neighbors around the Arbor Mews Project (aka 1202 Dekalb) was to extort Council for more money. And I don't use the word "extort" lightly. She stood up in front of council and essentially told them, "If you want to keep the neighbors happy, you have to give me more money." It's time to just say NO to her.

Another interesting item for discussion: a dog leash law and a dog park in Norristown. No other explanation on the agenda, so I don't know where the park would be. This may end up being one of those ideas that everyone loves but no one wants in their neighborhood.

And finally, under "Items for Action" -- Council will vote on whether or not "to advertise a public hearing for the purpose of establishing a LERTA designation for the Curren Terrace II Project, located at 1011 New Hope St." (LERTA stands for Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance.) The wording seems strange. I was under the impression that Council was required to advertise all public hearings, so they can't vote NOT to advertise if a public hearing will be scheduled, can they? Perhaps they're voting whether or not to have a hearing? I don't know.

Those are the main points. As I said, you can read the rest at the link above.

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