Monday, June 30, 2014

West End Town Hall TONIGHT (plus you can help catch some burglars)

These 3 broke into Selma yesterday. Help us catch them.
Okay, this is short notice, I know, but if you live in the West End and are free tonight, Representative Sanders is hosting a Town Hall Meeting tonight from 6  to 8 pm at the Hancock Fire House, 820 W. Airy.

This was listed on the Town Calendar as a Town Hall with Police Chief Talbot, and the agenda will include the issue of West End violence. Also on the agenda: upcoming events.

I can't get to the meeting, but I hope they also discuss other West End police matters, like break-ins, robberies and vandalism.

The Dragon Boat Club has been fixing up Riverfront Park since the flood, only to have their flower containers stolen, flowers and all. We aren't talking little flower pots either. These are metal trash cans filled with dirt and flowers. No way could one person move them alone without spilling all the dirt out. And yet they've been stolen twice. Really? Someone needs trash cans or flowers that bad that we have to give up having a nice-looking park?

Selma Mansion had a break-in yesterday. The alarms went off and neighbors photographed the burglars as they left the building. The photo is above. If you recognize the people in it, contact Norristown police at 610-270-0977. If you live in the West End and see them, remember, they might break into your house or apartment next so keep an eye out for them.

No matter where you live in Norristown, please help out your neighbors by watching out for strangers on the block taking too much interest in houses or cars. Like the neighbors of Selma, you might be able to help lower Norristown's crime rate simply by taking a quick photo.

UPDATE -- this just in from the Dragon Boat Club. I'm quoting it directly from their page:

"What the Heck !!!!! ok, I must say I am quite disappointed here. I have not decided what to do with the flowers but today I go to practice only to find some one cut the cable and took our John boat. Some on held that boat for us for over two years until we had the monies.We just put the boat in this spot maybe a week ago I am sure It was not any one that frequents the park on a regular basis. Maybe it was one of the bullies that come in break things every once in a while or some one needs some funds so they scrap it. Who was hurt by this? Your kids.Some one knows who took the boat but of course no one wants to say. I have been around the park long enough to know that talk goes on and some one knows. I don't care who took it just bring the dam boat back. Oh yes, it is insured but that is not the point.It's about believing, trusting and respecting each other. I believe in you, I trust you and I respect you. I/we have been in the Riverfront Park's corner for over year. Taking the community out, helping to keep it clean and everything else we can do to help the park, I defend the park and the Riverfront Ranges with everything I have.

"We all know that Riverfront Park did not have the best reputation in the past. I, you and the dragon boat club have been working hard to make a difference and I think we are making a difference.

"I am asking if any of you know who took the boat to please ask them to bring it back. We need that boat to take the community kids out, your kids. It's a safety factor. We may get some insurance monies but it will not cover the purchase of a new boat. Monies that was ear marked for new paddles and life jackets that we were going to purchase because we lost them in the flood.We need that boat along with paddles and life jackets to take the kids out on Riverfest day in September."

Come on, Norristown. Help nip this new crime wave in the bud.


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  1. It's terrible how some have no respect for others and what others are trying to do for the community.