Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Markley St. Headaches / Free Skin Cancer Screening

First, from the "Tell us something we don't already know" category, I received a robo-email from Rep. Matt Bradford yesterday saying that the construction on Markley Street was being extended north so that they'd now be working "between Wood St. and Johnson Highway." Any of you who travel that corridor regularly know that there's been work going on in that stretch for months. But, apparently, PennDoT is about to take it up a notch. This new phase is expected to last until November.

Rather than make Markley one-way between Johnson Highway and Roberts, they've decided to keep two-way traffic, either using tight lanes to one side of the construction, or flag men, depending on the situation. The reliable assumption is that traffic patterns will change often. If you're just trying to get through town, either north or south, use Harding, Pine, Powell or Dekalb instead. The less traffic on Markley, the better.

If you need to get to one of the business in that area, you can still avoid Markley. Logan Square is accessible from Johnson Hwy and also from Pine St., so you can still get to Plymouth Produce, Rite-Aid, etc, and there's no need to deny those cravings for Sessano's pork. Astor Plaza is accessible from Logan St. If you drive through the lot to the far side of the Citgo station, you can get to the cleaners and Zachary's from there. Or simply park in Astor Plaza's lot and walk to Zachary's. The exercise will help you burn off the calories from the sweet potato pie. As for the businesses between Johnson and Logan on Markley, like Nick the Tailor, park at Astor Plaza or at the little lot on the corner of Johnson and Markley, or at the Dunkin Donuts, and walk.

What's important is that we keep patronizing the small businesses in that area and don't let the traffic woes keep us away. We can't afford to have any of them go out of business.

Second, Mercy Suburban is hosting a FREE skin cancer screening this Friday, from 8 to 11 am at their Cancer Center at the hospital on Dekalb Pike in East Norriton. I'm telling you now because you need to pre-register and make an appointment (I just got the notice so for all I know, they might already be filled up). Call and find out at 610-278-2504. If they are filled up, ask if you can get on their mailing list for next year.

In the past, the notices have said the screenings are for those over 50. This one doesn't say that. If you have a family history of skin cancer, or you burn easily, or you've had at least one bad sunburn in your life, and especially, if you have a lot of moles, or any that are odd shapes or colors, you should have a screening. You should also have one if you're over 50 and have never had one, to establish a base line for future exams.

I've had two of these screenings. They're easy and don't take long. They look mainly at your face and arms, and they'll check any questionable moles you have. And they usually hand out free lotion and other goodies.

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