Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Meeting of Our Forever-Late 2013 Council

I'm late blogging again today. No surprise--it's the 3rd Tuesday, which means I was waiting for Council to post their agenda.  It finally made an appearance at 9:40 this morning, once again less than 10 hours before the meeting begins.

Olivia Brady will be installed as a councilwoman tonight. That's followed on the agenda by "Presentations" and "Executive Session announcement." No explanation of either.

Under "Planning/Economic/Business Development" the two items from last night's Planning meeting are listed: the ordinance to regulate the size of real estate signs, and Via Venuto's revised plan. I supposed Council will say they held up the agenda waiting for the Planning meeting outcome. But, in this modern world of computers, the rest of the agenda could have been posted Friday and an update posted this morning.

The interesting stuff comes under "Finance/Administration/Personnel."  There's a "Motion to approve Resolution 13-159 - updating the consolidating fee resolution." No explanation.

"Motion to adopt Ordinance 13-16 – the 2014 Municipal Budget." They never did have the promised Budget Workshop, where the residents would have been able to have input.

"Motion to ratify the settlement agreement with Dan Bove – 620 Corson Street L.P. and Ives Realty Trust." This is in regards to the Tyson Shirt Factory Apartments. I wasn't able to find out what the settlement involves, but I did find a lot of scathing reviews about the apartments and of Mr. Bove's and Mr. Ives's management of them. The building was condemned at one point.

"Public Comment" is listed on this agenda after "Executive Session announcement" and before "Planning/Economic/Business Development." That means, despite the fact that several items on the agenda aren't clear or defined, and despite the fact that the agenda was posted too late for anyone to do research into these items, the public can only comment on those items BEFORE they're discussed in the meeting.

This is our present Council's idea of how a democracy is run. Thank God this is the last meeting of the year with the old guard. I hope things improve in 2014.

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