Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good Day To Stay In

If you were planning on going to the budget meeting tonight, it's been cancelled due to the snow.

No word yet about tonight's Planning Commission meeting. The only thing on their agenda is Via Venuto's proposed plan to merge their property with the one on the corner (Markley and W. Logan). They want to knock down the existing buildings and build a larger restaurant with better parking. I think everyone in Norristown wants Via Venuto to come back to town, and bring business to the Logan Square corridor. The buildings in question aren't historic or even great-looking, so I don't think anyone objects.

Let me point out that the planning agenda was posted on Norristown's website LAST THURSDAY. See? Agendas CAN be posted in a timely manner.

As for the snow, check on your elderly and disabled neighbors. Remember they can't (or at least, probably shouldn't) shovel their walks and dig out their cars alone, and some can't afford to pay to have it done. Give them a hand.

Not sure I'll be posting a blog tomorrow. Got a morning appointment (assuming I'm dug out from the storm), then I'm off to Selma to help get it ready for "A Selma Mansion Christmas" on Saturday.

Stay safe. Drive carefully.

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