Monday, December 16, 2013

A Week of Meetings

Meetings are scheduled tonight through Thursday at Municipal. If someone brings cookies and punch, we could have one long holiday party.

Tonight at 7 pm is the Planning Commission meeting that was postponed from last week. Still on the agenda is Via Venuto's plan to merge properties on Markley St. for a larger restaurant and adequate parking, but also some new business: "Amendment to provisions of the Zoning Ordinance amending the standards for non-residential Real Estate Temporary banner signs to allow for temporary signs that are proportional to the building size. Recommendation to Council to start the public process."  I think it means they don't want huge For Sale or For Rent signs all over our vacant stores and offices. This makes sense--most non-residential real estate transactions are advertised online these days and agents handle who views the properties. No need to have large signs around that only discourage businesses from moving in because the town LOOKS empty.

Tomorrow there's a council meeting at 7:30 pm. No agenda has been posted yet (no surprise), though I hear Olivia Brady will be installed to replace Cy Burke. I hope, with new blood coming to council in 2014, and according to law, a new president, that the agenda will be posted in a timely manner starting in the New Year.

Wednesday at 7 pm is a HARB meeting. No agenda yet.

Thursday from 7 to 9 pm is the December Zoning Board meeting. This would normally be on the 4th Tuesday, but since that's Christmas Eve, it was rescheduled for the 19th. Gaudenzia is NOT on the schedule. Since the board has 45 days from the last meeting to make their decision, they should convene on Gaudenzia sometime between now and the 1st week of January. But there are plenty of other items on their agenda (posted well in advance of the meeting, I might add).

622 Swede (photo above) -- The owner wants a variance for parking and special use to allow for office space on the first floor and a residential apartment on the second. The 1st floor already seems to have offices. There are 3 floors--one would assume there are other apartments in the building, though I'm not sure. The backyard is paved, but probably not wide enough for a regular parking lot.

821 Haws 
821 Haws Avenue - The West Norristown Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses is seeking permission to demolish the house at 821 and expand their parking lot.

610 W. Lafayette - The Special Exception variance being sought is for a multi-unit conversion and "Restoration or Reconstruction of a Non-Conforming Use, to allow for a 2 unit apartment dwelling with garage." This house has conflicting listings online. One lists it as a duplex, another as a single-family house. Both say it has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Possibly it was a 2 apartment dwelling at one time, then became one and now the proposal is to turn it back into a duplex. If anyone knows the story, let me know. My opinion is, if it now conforms with town zoning, it should stay as is. We have enough non-conforming uses as is in the borough.

To get a look at the full Zoning agenda, click here.

More snow expected tomorrow. If the council meeting isn't postponed, I hope the snow isn't so bad it keeps people away.

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