Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Rest of the GOP Candidates

I'LL post 2 blogs entries today, one for Republican voters (below) and another for Democrat voters. Remember, you can find voter info at


Jim Christiana has been a PA State Representative (Beaver County) since 2008, (since he was 25 years old). His issue statements (at follow current GOP thinking in Congress, though he seems to have a poor understanding on some of the issues (for instance, his solution to the opioid crisis (his #3 issue) involves border agents, but opioids are more a domestic pharmaceutical and health problem). He also, with every issue, lists what he says Senator Casey is doing wrong (and sometimes what his GOP opponent is doing wrong), so I fact checked several of these. Most are gross exaggerations, bending of the truth, or outright lies.

Lou Barletta has served in the US House of Representatives since 2011. Before that he was mayor of Hazelton. His issue statements are at He lists his #1 issue as Defense, but it's really more about taking care of the soldiers. Most of his issues really say nothing (for instance, under energy, he doesn't say what types of energy he supports as long as it's made in PA, though there IS a photo of him beside a nuclear cooling tower). Under Gun Rights, he merely quotes the 2nd amendment, without saying what he thinks it means. He seems afraid to take sides on anything. But read his issues yourself and you can view his voting record at this link. Maybe you'll have better luck figuring out where he stands.

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I tried to look up what the PA GOP State Committee actually does, but couldn't find no explanation in their own words. According to Wikipedia, a political party committee is an organization, officially affiliated with a political party and registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), which raises and spends money for political campaigning. So I'll go with that. I'm not going to look up every one of these candidates, but below is how you'll see them on the ballot. Google them yourself. My advice is to pick people who seem to represent you and your family and would support your best interests. You'll vote for no more than 19, up to 9 males and 9 females, plus one of either gender. None are from Norristown. You can, of course, vote for less than 19, or write in candidates.

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