Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Democrat Candidates for Governor and Lt. Gov

Remember, the Primary Election is next Tuesday, May 15. For voter information, polling location, and sample ballot, go to

The only candidate for PA Governor on the Democrat side is the incumbent, Tom Wolf. His website doesn't have where he stands on the issues exactly, but lists what his administration has accomplished in relation to the issues. Most of the statements are only a sentence or 2 and don't say much, but you can read them at I'll spend more time on him in the general election.

LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR ~ I should mention that the only official duties of this office are serving as president of the state senate and chairing the Board of Pardons and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council. But lieutenant governors often work on additional projects and have a full schedule of community and speaking events.

Nina Ahmad, from Philadelphia, is a scientist (molecular biologist), women's right advocate, first generation immigrant/naturalized citizen. She served on President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and on Mayor Nutter’s Commission on Asian American Affairs. Her statement on gun control is her best, with action points to be taken. The rest of her issue statements are rather general, though she does seem to have a good understanding of them. Read them for yourself at

Kathi Cozzone is a Chester County Commissioner and also lists several government Boards she has served on, including Chair of the Chester County Prison Board. If you scroll down on her website (, you'll find her statement of issues. She lists quite a few of them, though she's light on the actions she'd like to see taken to find solutions (that may not matter considering the office).

John Fetterman is from Allegheny County and has served 12 years as mayor of Braddock, PA (outside Pittsburgh, population 2150). Before that he was a community organizer and GED teacher. He ran for US Senator in 2016. Though he has no issue statements on his site, he spends a bit of space talking about economy from his experience as mayor, yet I question his understanding the problems of the larger cities he mentions, like Allentown (or even a borough like Norristown), since Braddock, PA isn't much larger than the population of Norristown High. And I'm not sure what that would have to do with duties of lieutenant governor anyway. His website is

Raymond Sosa is from Montgomery County and works in banking, investment, and insurance services. He has no experience in government except, apparently, doing "legislative policy support" (which he sees as a good thing, but it puts me in mind of the GOP's ALEC and other way too-influential lobbyists who write policy).  He only lists 4 issues (Economy, Education, Criminal Justice, Farmers) and seems pretty lightweight on them. To read them, go to and scroll down.

Mike Stack is our incumbent Lt Gov. He's from Philly and has also been a state senator, attorney, and serves one weekend per month in the PA National Guard as a Judge Advocate General. Disappointingly, he lists no statements on issues at all.

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