Monday, January 4, 2016

Council Meeting Monday, Not Tuesday

This week's Council meeting is scheduled for tonight instead of the usual Tuesday meeting. I hope this isn't a permanent change because the agenda usually appears on the calendar on the Monday morning before the meeting. That means we'll be getting less than 24 hours notice of what business will be covered.

The Council Reorganization meeting time has been changed, too. 7 pm instead of 6:30 pm. Oaths of office will be administered to new members. President and Vice President will be elected. Then all the usual extra posts will be appointed: Crandall Jones, Chief Talbot, clerk, secretary, all the directors, attorneys, etc.

The one appointment I find interesting is that Sean Kilkenny is still slated to be Municipal Solicitor. I don't see how he can be Montco Sheriff full-time and still be Norristown's Solicitor. I can see where this might be a conflict of interest in a lot of circumstances. I'd rather have a borough solicitor who doesn't also answer to the county for his regular paycheck. I'd also like to have a sheriff who doesn't have outside distractions.

The regular business is supposed to begin at 7:30. It includes only handicap parking space approvals and HARB ceritificate votes.

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  1. I found it very interesting when Kilkenny moved is law firm to Norristown, directly across the street from the Sheriffs office around the same time he decided to run for office.