Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Council Agenda - Lafayette Street Extension Presentation

For those willing to brave the cold tonight, there's going to be a presentation about the Lafayette Street Extension Project by Montco Planning at the Council Workshop, 6:30 pm at Municipal Hall. The whole agenda can be read at this link.

Here are some other highlights:

1. The developers of 1 West Main (the old bank building at Main and Swede) are seeking approval for modifications to their original conditional use agreement. The proposed modifications are of course NOT listed on the agenda because that might actually inform the public prior to the meeting. This will be voted on.

2. Council will vote on authorization to execute the Cooperation Agreement for the Redevelopment Authority of Montgomery County. The RACP aids in the provision of affordable housing through applications to state and federal sources.

3. Discussion and possible action regarding bid to repair the Public Works roof. (I assume this is where our PW vehicles are stored.)

4. Discussion on a policy for the use of Municipal Hall facility. I hope this will finally exclude use by one political party or the other to use our hall for partisan purposes. I don't think this has happened lately, but not too long ago certain candidates were having campaign meetings there.

Our Public Square
5. Discussion on the Montgomery County Main Street Campus Project. This sounds as if Montco Community College is moving to N-town, which would be awesome, but I think it refers instead to the courthouse redevelopment. My only concern here is that the public square doesn't shrink or lose what greenness it has left. One of the worse things previous courthouse developments did was to create all those cold concrete spaces that no one wants to use. I hope the remaining trees and grass can stay. And that anything built along Main Street is pedestrian friendly and welcoming, eliminating the no-man zone there now.

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