Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Council's Agenda Tonight

Sorry for the short notice, but there's a Council Meeting tonight at Municipal Hall at 7:30 pm. You can read the whole agenda at this link. A note to Council: please put the remainder of your meetings for the year on the town calendar at and publish your agendas promptly so we don't miss others.

The big item is the naming and swearing in of Linda Christian's replacement as District 3 Council Rep. Let me take this opportunity to say that Linda has been the BEST Council Rep we ever had in the 3rd District-- possibly the best in any council post in Norristown--in my lifetime. Never before has anyone made such a priority of communicating with her constituents. I've had residents across Norristown ask me to forward Linda's newsletters to them so they could be as well informed as we here in the 3rd. We also had a few district town hall meetings each year. Linda went out of her way to let us know what was happening and listened fairly to all our opinions. I hope her replacement and the rest of Council will take a lesson from her and we don't go back to the old days of silence from Borough Hall.

Also scheduled is a presentation from "PFM" which I think is a finance management company.

The rest of the agenda seems pretty routine. Read it for yourself.

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