Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Community Walk Against Violence

I wanted to give a few days notice of a special event happening in Norristown this Friday evening--a Community Walk Against Violence, starting at 7 pm at George and West Marshall. It will end with a Candlelight Vigil at Spruce and Willow. The map showing the route is below.

Actually, on average, crime in Norristown is WAY down this past year. Still, this past month, we've had 33 assaults and two murders. The murders were by the same person the same night and it was a crime of passion, but I don't know what's sparked the recent assaults. I just know that many of our residents aren't about to let the thugs take over N-town again. Hence this walk.

Anyone who shows up for the walk will be welcomed, all ages, races, backgrounds, religions.

The route is about 1.1 miles, and remember, you'll have to walk back unless someone can pick you up. If you can't walk the whole distance, walk part of it or just come to the candlelight vigil at Spruce and Willow. I'm guessing they'll walk slow, so figure the vigil will begin 40 minutes to an hour after the walk starts. Or you can wait anywhere along the route to show your support.

Let's come together as a community, Norristown. Show the world we believe in peace.

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