Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vote for the Best of Montco

The voting has opened for "Best of Montco" and a few Norristown establishments made the list of nominees. You can register your vote at and you can still add nominees (just be sure they aren't already listed).

I did notice some definite discouragements in the way Montco Happenings listed categories and did nominations. For one thing, to make a nomination, you have to enter the email address of the nominee. A lot of businesses don't list email addresses on their websites, but all list phone numbers. Would have been nice if there had been an either/or option for email or phone.

Also, the street address of the nominee is a required field. A lot of businesses/organizations don't have brick and mortar stores these days. They might actually be the Best of Montco, but they'll never be nominated.

The sub-categories seem kind of hit-and-miss. Under the Food & Drink category is the sub-category "Chinese" but not "Asian." So there was no place to nominate my favorite Korean and Vietnamese restaurants. "Cheesesteaks" was a sub-category, but not hoagies or pork sandwiches. They all get lumped under "Sandwich." No BBQ category either.

But, here are the Norristown nominations that I found. I added links for the sub-categories to make it easy to find them. (I have to admit, I didn't slog through all the sub-categories, so if you know of any other nominees, or if make a nomination yourself, leave a comment and I'll add them to the list below.) Congratulations to

Jus' Java, nominated under the Food & Drink category for both Best Coffee and Best Kept Secret.

Zachary's BBQ, nominated under the Food & Drink category for Best Kept Secret.

Sessano Cafe & Deli, under the Food & Drink category for Best Sandwich.

Taqueria La Michoacana, under the Food & Drink category for Best Mexican.

Ghost Tours at Selma Mansion, under the Everything Montco category for Best Family Event

Riverfest, also under the Everything Montco category for Best Family Event

William Frank Hair Designs, under Beauty & Wellness for Best Hair Cut

Norristown Diary (hey, that's me), under the People category for Best Blogger.

So, go vote for your favorites. Let's let Montgomery County know that Norristown has some of the Best of Montco right here in their county seat.

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