Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Redemption at the Centre Theater

Tomorrow night a new show opens at Centre Theater. It's FOUR NIGHTS ONLY, Wednesday through Saturday at 8 pm, so you don't have much time to mull over whether or not to go. Here are some reasons you should.

1. It's a comedy--you'll get to laugh and that means your brain releases more endorphins, which are really good for stress. Winter is really bad for stress, and most of the supposed comedies on TV aren't all that funny, so you should come to the Centre this week for some therapy. I'm a devoted fan of the comedy genre and wouldn't mind seeing more of them in our local theater show line-up. Hint, hint, Centre and Theatre Horizon.

2. It's live theater, which is WAY better than TV. (Okay, except for the fact that you have to go out in the cold to get to it. But live theater is worth it.)

3. It's at least 25% off the cost of their regular shows and you'll be supporting the arts in Norristown.

Here's the plot summary:

Redemption: a romantic comedy?
A new play written and directed by Dave Ebersole, starring Richard Bradford, Joseph Cartagena Jr, T.J. Deluca.

Marco is a killer for hire. Joey is the petty crook in his crosshairs who will do anything to save his skin, anything. But when these men realize they have more in common than they think, could they really escape a life of crime? Is it all a scam or something else entirely? Will either one make it out alive or …will they make it together?

So, unless you're one of the multitude who are physically ill right now (in which case, please, PLEASE stay home), plan on getting to the Centre this week. You can get tickets on line at http://thecentretheater.ticketleap.com/redemption-a-romantic-comedy/ or at the door.

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