Thursday, December 4, 2014

Take My 2-Question Survey

Remember a year ago when a couple members of Council supposedly jokingly remarked that the mural at Lafayette and Dekalb ought to be painted over? They were taken seriously, so a crowd of residents showed up at the next meeting to protest. If you don't remember and want to read about it, here are the 2 N-town Diary postings about that mural and the others we have in town.

Recently, Philadelphia Mural Arts Project has identified another building in Norristown that they'd like to put a mural on. I won't say where yet, but will say that it's at a main entrance to town and would be large. Like the Lafayette mural, it would also be a community project--that is, Norristown residents and Council would approve the design and Norristown volunteers would help paint it. The owner of the building has given his approval already. The group looking into the feasibility of the project would get grants through the state and elsewhere to fund the project.

As most of you know, my opinion is that if Norristown's going to bill itself as an arts community, we ought to have art in town, especially community art like this. And we shouldn't be looking down our nose at any one kind of art, because frankly, few of us know enough about art to qualify as critics. If someone's willing to organize and find funding for a big project, why would we refuse?

But, I want to get everyone's opinion. I've set up a survey online. Only 2 questions, and you only have to answer the first. You can take it anonymously. Even if you're indifferent to the issue, you can tell me that. Go to and register your opinion. Share this blog with your neighbors. Let's get the opinions of as many residents, businesses, and regular visitors to N-town as possible.

Thanks. I'll let everyone know the results in a week or so.

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