Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Murals in Norristown Survey Results

I apologize for no entry the last few days. I've been a little under the weather and also on the phone and on websites about health insurance, which is probably and ironically what's making me ill. But anyway, I promised you all the survey results and here they are. I've reproduced comments exactly as entered. Blame auto-correct. One person commented that outsiders don't notice murals. I do and I'm putting photos of some of my favorites that I've seen elsewhere on this blog. I have one other favorite that I couldn't find a photo of--a metal railroad fence around a corner in Philly where each square is painted to look like a quilt.

Question #1 was "Would you like to see another large mural in Norristown?"
YES - 69.05%
NO - 16.67%
Indifferent - 4.76%
Other - 9.52%

For those who chose "Other," here are their reasons in no particular order. Not everyone left comments.:
1. Please fix the existing mural coming into Norristown at the Dannehower Bridge
2. It depends
3. Murals that reflect a sense of history and suggest a positive transition over time could have value. A mural intended to "image" Norristown should have a very quick impact message that develops interest in spending time here; not merely cutting through.
4. It depends upon what it looks like. I am not fond of the one at 201 Dekalb.

NOTE: Twice as many people read the blog than actually took the survey. I think that means indifference is actually the majority. Or a lot of you don't want to do online surveys for privacy reasons. I'm not sure what mural at the Dannehower Bridge the commenter meant--maybe the Welcome to Norristown sign?

Questions #2: "If for or against the mural, please say why in a few words (optional)." Here are the comments that were left in no particular order:

1. I'm for another mural, but it would be nice for us to upkeep the existing works we already have, instead of letting them fall into disrepair.
2. They take the blank, generally unattractive walks and make them something to point out to kids and visitors!
3. like seeing them when driving around
4. Murals done in the community by some one in the community helps to make the community proud and to feel part of the community. It feels like theirs, which the leads to the community becoming and taking part of other areas to keep the community cleaner and safer..
5. Let's get some art in town, beautify Norristown and work together as a community to do so.

6. It would depend where and what it would look like. Even the style of painting can say a lot. Maybe something more traditional looking?
7. Outsiders don't notice murals - they notice trash and deteriorating buildings. Some think murals are the last ditch effort of a dying urban area. JS
8. I find murals in other places, such as York, PA and San Francisco, CA to be beautiful and they attract people.

9. Art adds life while reflecting the culture of the community

11. I am for the mural. I believe this is a GREAT thing for Norristown. Arts/Mural are a positive image for our community. Please continue to push this movement for Norristown.
12. I would love to see a new mural at the entrance of Norristown. A mural would help beautify an otherwise depressed looking area of town. Having the murals lighted at night would be fantastic if possible. Murals have been proven to raise property value.
13. The current mural is attractive and colorful. I would love to see a lot more like it in town.
14. About the mural at DeKalb and Main; it contains no message. It is garish. The colors are more alarming than inviting. I also understand that it was approved weeks before the "deadline" for other proposals.
15. The process for the mural at 201 was flawed. Meetings were held for public input. However, Those who showed and expressed their input were told that it was a done deal. No public input was actually accepted. We have a result that I think is a very undesirable image for Norristown.

16. Great way to support Arts Hill
17. The one we have is UGLY!!!
18. I prefer the look of "naked" buildings.
19. We need to brighten up our images as an Art friendly town.
20. Why not? Better an attempt at beautification than no attempt at all. And Norristown needs all the beauty treatment it can get.

21. I think murals are viewed very positively as a form of 'urban art'. It also helps create an attachment to Philadelphia
22. Let Norristown artists get the commission! Volunteers are great, but what about our professionals? If those Philly artists haven't pleased everyone, why not give Norristown artists a shot?
23. We ought to have more art in town. It would brighten up the old dingy buildings.

So there you have it. The majority who answered the survey are overwhelmingly for another mural.

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