Monday, November 24, 2014

Update on Zoning Hearing

I forgot that I have an early meeting tomorrow morning so I'm posting Tuesday's Diary entry now. It's just a bit more info to add to the last blog on zoning issues.

Michael Allen from the Planning Department was nice enough to clarify my questions about the Cingular antenna tower. The permanent structure IS meant for the roof of the parking garage, or specifically, the roof of the elevator shaft connected to the parking garage. It would extend about 9 feet above the roof of the shaft. That makes SO much more sense. I wish they'd explained that on the agenda in the first place.

I did a drive-by of 1137 Markley today. It looks worse than photos of it that I found online. It's in really bad shape. I have to wonder if there are structural problems. It's got a red notice on the porch. Anyone know what that means? If you want to see the inside, check out this 57 second YouTube real estate video that was posted in August just before the current buyer bought it.


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