Thursday, November 6, 2014

Getting The Word Out Is Half The Battle

Full disclosure--the Norristown Business Administration became my employer this week, but the stuff I'm about to tell you happened before that, so I can't take credit for the result.

In September, I went to Riverfest and got into a conversation with Council reps Linda Christian and Olivia Brady. I can't remember why now, but we were talking about jury duty. I think maybe we were saying how lots of jurors come into town every week and we want them to have a good experience here. We especially want them to eat in our restaurants, then go home and tell their family and friends how good the food was.

I mentioned that every time I'd been called for jury duty, I was given a little flyer with a map of eating places within a couple blocks of the Court House. The second time, I recall the cafeteria at the Court House was being remodeled, so we HAD to go out to eat and that flyer saved a lot of time. But apparently, whoever provided the flyer stopped years ago.

Linda Christian thought it was a great idea and suggested that the N-town Business Association might want to take on the project. I'm a member of the NBA, and the next week we had our September meeting, so I suggested it.

Only one month later, at our October meeting, Ed Turner, president of the NBA, came in with a full-color 5x7 postcard showing the map and description of most of the eateries between Cherry, Walnut and Oak Streets (shown above). The other side of the card shows mouth-watering photos of some of the food these restaurants dish out.

It was discovered that a few places had been forgotten, plus there's a new Mexican restaurant across from Banh Mi. They'll all be added to a later edition along with Jus' Java when they reopen (they're going to be where Caffe Galileo was, on Swede across from the Courthouse). But having to add new restaurants is a GOOD problem to have. Hopefully, more dining places will open downtown in the next year.

Meantime, that postcard will be given to jurors (and anyone else who wants them). Maybe we can make them available at Borough Hall, too, and at small downtown businesses and the restaurants themselves. The more we spread the word about the good eats to be found here in town, the better for our economy.

So kudos to the NBA for making this happen in 6 short weeks. Check out their website at and LIKE their Facebook page. We'll be posting info soon on how to become a member for 2015.

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  1. I didn't realize that Jus' Java was moving; I knew they closed on the end of my block but so many places have come and gone there, I was worried they had gone out like the rest.