Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Council Meeting Tonight? Your Guess Is As Good As Mine.

There's still no agenda posted for tonight's Council meeting, only 10 hours before zero hour (7:30 pm). I haven't heard that it's being cancelled.

My street doesn't look all that bad--a plow actually did go up and down my street several times yesterday. No salt truck, though. One pass with salt would have been worth 5 passes with the plow. Still, the main roads are like mine, they ought to be passable, especially with the sun on them all day. And the next batch of weather isn't due in until 2 am or so.

Tonight is also supposed to be the Montco Planning meeting at 5 pm at Centre Theater. Residents asked for this meeting, and it was already rescheduled once because of the weather, so I hope people can get to it tonight.

I'll now go out and see if I can find an agenda for the Council meeting. If so, I'll update this blog later.
~ ~ ~
3:30 pm : 4 hours before meeting time and still no agenda on Norristown.org nor a notice that the meeting has been cancelled in lieu of an agenda. My messages to the council president and my district rep today haven't been answered. A new low in bad communication.

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