Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Banding Together to Promote Norristown

The Diary is a bit late this morning, but I wasn't slacking off. I was at a meeting of the Norristown Business Association.

This is a great group of business owners and volunteer organization coordinators who are, as the title above says, banding together to promote Norristown. If you're a business owner in Norristown, you NEED to join this association. If you're involved with a volunteer group, make sure they have a representative in the N-town BA. We can either network together this way, or it's every man for himself. That's what we've been doing, Norristown, and how's that been working out?

Visit the association's website at http://norristownba.org/index.html, or LIKE their Facebook page or, thanks to Stan Huskey of the Times Herald this morning, NBA now has a Twitter handle, so you can follow them at https://twitter.com/NorristownBA.  For more info on how to join, email Eddie Turner at info@norristownba.org .

Oh, and I need to mention that we met at Casa Bonita International Cuisine restaurant (801 Dekalb). The food was AMAZING. Go try them.  (And if you join the Business Assn, you get a discount).

In other news, the February Zoning Board hearing has been continued until next month, March 25th. So you can stay home tonight. But I will add a reminder here about the Town Hall with the County Commissioners on Thursday night at 7 pm at Municipal Hall. This is VERY important--a chance for Norristown to let the county know what we need, and how we expect to be treated.

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