Thursday, January 30, 2014

Help Choose N-Town's Athletic Director

Tonight, from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, a public meeting will be held at the Norristown Area High School cafeteria, to enable members of the community to share their suggestions for the selection of an Athletic Director for all school sports.

We like sports in Norristown and we encourage our kids to participate. Sports teach kids teamwork, decision making, leadership and self-worth. The majority of our parks have baseball fields, basketball courts, or both. Google Image "Norristown High School" and you get photos of basketball games. And at Riverfront Park, you'll start seeing youth dragon boat teams this year. Sports offer kids something positive to do, so they don't get involved in drugs and crime.

So it makes sense that we take the selection of a School Athletic Director seriously and come together as a community to choose one.

According to Nan Odenthal, Public Relations Manager of the School District, the Athletic Director "will have a tremendous impact on the Norristown Area School District. The goal of the meeting is to hear the voices of our community members who have a vested interested in ensuring the most qualified person is selected for the job. We value their feedback."

If you have school-aged students involved in sports, or who will be in a few years, please come to this meeting and spread the word about it.

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You'll notice at the right of this blog is a photo of Montgomery Hospital. If you click on it, the link takes you to a petition that will go to Einstein, Altman group (the developer for the site), and Council members, asking them to please save the building from demolition. Read the petition and please sign it and pass it on to your neighbors. We need more signatures from Norristown.


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