Friday, August 16, 2013

Thank You, Councilman Simpson

Two days ago, I posted an opinion piece about whether or not Norristown was a city . Over 150 people read it and it kicked off a lot of interesting and intelligent discussion.

Yesterday, I posted facts from a forensic audit of East Point, Georgia (, the prior employer of Crandall Jones, who Norristown Council intends to appoint as our new municipal administrator. As of this morning, only 26 people had read it, a handful of people shared it, and no one commented on it anywhere. No discussion, no interest, nada. Norristonians seemed more concerned with comparing opinions than acting on facts.

That is, until about an hour ago, when our Council President Gary Simpson posted 4 links and a comment to Facebook   The comments are "public" so if you're on Facebook, you can read them. Click on the links and read them, too. The more informed you are, the better.

As I pointed out to Mr. Simpson, my post was about Mr. Jones as overseer of East Point's finances, and not about any political controversies. The mayor of East Point and the Jackson County commissioners can't be blamed for errors and inconsistencies in the city's everyday accounting.

But, as a result of Mr. Simpson's posts, the number of people who've read yesterday's Diary doubled in the last hour. So thanks, Gary, for helping to stir up the taxpayers' interest.

Have a good weekend all. Maybe I'll see you at the MSS Feast on Sunday afternoon, at the old Holy Saviour cafeteria on Airy near Walnut.


  1. Norristown is a city. Get over it. We have enough residents to be classified as a 3rd class city. We should re-incorporate so that we can restructure our debt and take more control from the county since they don't really take care of Norristown...

    1. According to the PA state code, here's the definition of a "Third Class City - cities under 500,000 population that have not elected to become a city of the second class A." (2nd Class A are cities of 100,000-500,000.) Also according to the PA code, any borough over 10,000 can elect to become a city. However, current 3rd Class cities are much larger, including all those I listed in the previous blog, plus Allentown. They're usually 70,000 and up, many over 100,000. They also, as I said, have a mayor, either with a council or as commission chair. There is nothing in a borough's charter to say that the county should have control. In fact, since we're incorporated, it means we should be self-governed.