Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Norristown Project

Norristown's greatest assets are our volunteers. We have people who want to improve this town, and they don't sit around and wait for Council to make the first move. The newest effort is called The Norristown Project, founded by borough resident Shae Ashe. I can't explain the project any better than the video below, so watch it before reading further.

The Norristown Project's next cleanup day will be this Saturday (July 20) from 9 am to noon, covering the area around Hancock Fire House. Volunteers will meet in the parking lot across the street at Airy and Stanbridge Sts. Newcomers are always welcome. The Fire House will be having a flea market that day where you'll be able to donate money to TNP for supplies for future cleanups. You can also donate at

On Sunday, July 28, 2-5 pm, The Norristown Project will do a graffiti cleanup in the vicinity of Oak and Astor.

The best way to follow their activities is through their Facebook page. (On the page today, Shae hinted at a BIG project planned for next spring. Stay tuned.)

For more information, email Shae at .

Even if you can't volunteer for TNP, you can help their efforts by picking up trash and pulling weeds in your own neighborhood. While you're at it, help an elderly neighbor clean their property, too. The better this town looks, the better we'll feel about it.

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