Monday, July 22, 2013

Be A Nudge

Pronounced with a short U vowel, NUDGE means to gently prod into action. Say it like the "oo" in "wood," it's a person who pesters until something gets done. Either way, it's the perfect name for Norristown's new grassroots organization, Norristown Nudge.

The Nudge began on Facebook in February and has grown to over 200 members consisting of mostly residents, but also people who work in or own businesses in Norristown, and a few folks no longer living here, but who grew up in the borough and still care about it. The organization's tag line is "... a forum for Norristonians to identify problems and find solutions ...."

They also meet in person on Saturday mornings, 11 am-12:45 pm, at Coffee Talk, 507 West Marshall St.  This small core group of Saturday Nudgers has doubled in size just in the last month. Anyone who cares about Norristown is welcome to attend.

Their main goals are to promote initiatives to make Norristown a cleaner and safer place, and to be a liaison between town officials and the public (making sure everyone stays informed, and that residents' concerns, visions and ideas are heard).

To get more of the community involved, the Nudge is looking for block captains:  anyone (or a group of neighbors) willing to report problems--or what's working--on their blocks. Is there trash in your alley that hasn't been collected? Is there a property on your street that is making everyone else's look bad? Have you had a rash of break-ins? Have your neighbors banded together to clean your block, or to plant flowers? Whatever your story, Nudge wants to hear from you.

Also, block captains would be a great way to get information out to all the citizens, especially those who don't have internet access. A lot is happening in Norristown lately, and we've got elections for council and school board coming up.

You can "Like" Norristown Nudge on their Facebook page ( Leave a message if you're interested in representing your block or neighborhood. Or come to a Saturday morning meeting. Or email the Nudge at .

If you're already a Nudge, spread the word.  The more residents who get involved, the faster we can turn Norristown around.

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