Monday, November 7, 2016

Go VOTE Tomorrow!

One last list of what you need to know to make sure you show up at the right polling place tomorrow and know what you're doing. If you come into Norristown 3-3 and you're not on our list, I'm going to ask you why you didn't read this.

You can find your polling location and other voting info at this link. The photo below shows the Norristown locations. Remember, if you live in Norristown 2-3 and voted at St. Pat's last time, you'll be voting at Gotwals School this time.

Your sample ballot can be found at this website. Find your town on the list, then click on your district. Info about the candidates can be found at

Messages are being sent around social media saying that our state now has online voting. This is a lie designed to keep people from actually going to the polls. There is NO online voting in PA. You MUST go to the polls to vote.

Most election officials live in your local neighborhood and know regular voters by sight. They're your neighbors and they're there to help you vote. Be nice to them. First time voters or voters who've changed districts since the primary will be asked for photo ID (it will be printed under your name in the book whether you need to present ID, so don't feel the official is picking on you). Otherwise ID is NOT required and you won't be asked for it, but some people feel more comfortable presenting it. That's fine, too.

If your name isn't in the book, the officials will ask questions to assure you're in the correct polling place (usually that's the problem). If it's not that simple, the Judge of Elections will call the courthouse to see if you're registered in the county and take other steps to solve the problem. No one can simply walk in and vote anywhere. You can help by making sure you know which polling place you should go to. Use the link above to double check if you've never voted before or if you've recently moved.

You may not use your cell phone or other electronic devices inside the polling place. No selfies in the booth, no texting, no talking on phones, especially no taking photos of anyone else. NOTHING. Polling places preserve the privacy of every voter and need to assure that no one is intimidated by having their photo taken. Talking on phones distracts voters and officials. Please respect this rule ~ you're only inside (hopefully) a few minutes.

Anyone campaigning outside the polling place must not be within 10 feet of the door and shouldn't block your way. Poll watchers MUST register beforehand at the Courthouse, and only a limited number can observe one polling location at a time. On election day, they must NEVER interfere with any voter or the voting process. If anyone tries to interfere with your right to vote tomorrow, report that person to the Judge of Elections at your polling place. Any election official in the polling place can point you to the Judge of Elections. Don't let anyone stop you from voting no matter who you support.

Remember this ~ depending on your gender, race or economic status, it's a good bet that at some point, people like you didn't have the right to vote in the US. That right was won for you. Make tomorrow a celebration of that right. Celebrate it with your neighbors at the polls, regardless of who's voting for who. Let's have a great turnout.

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