Thursday, October 27, 2016

Absentee Ballot Information

A few quick notes on absentee ballots.

If for some reason you're unable to get to your polling place on Election Day, you can vote by absentee ballot. Maybe you're active military stationed overseas. Maybe you're a nurse who needs to work a double shift. Maybe you'll be away on vacation. Maybe you're working  the election in a polling place that's not close enough to your own that you can leave and get back quickly. Maybe, like a lot of absentee voters, you're physically unable to travel or stand in long lines.

That said, it's ALWAYS better to vote in person if you can. But if you MUST vote absentee, you can go to this link for information.

Briefly, your application needs to be received at the Court House by Tuesday, November 1, 5 pm. Applications can be found online at this link, or at the Library, Borough Hall or state liquor stores. If you have an emergency that will prevent you from voting that you find out about AFTER next Tuesday, there are emergency applications online at the link in the paragraph above.

Once they get your application, they'll send you your ballot. Ballots are due back by 5 pm on the Friday before Election Day (received by Nov 4, not just postmarked). If you sent in an application but didn't receive your ballot in a reasonable amount of time, it's important that you call Sarah Piening at the Election Board office (610-278-3275). Stealing absentee ballots from mailboxes is a method of election fraud (a stupid method, because rarely do absentee ballots in one location alter the results of a national election). But you want your vote to count for the candidate YOU want to vote for. So call.

Direct any other questions about absentee ballots to the phone number above.

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  1. Absentee Ballot Submission Deadline Extended to November 8th, 2016

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