Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Landlords and Property Managers: The Next Installment

I took this diary entry down. Why? Because I forgot what I'd learned in 15 years of researching crime for my novels--the chronically guilty will always push the blame off themselves and onto innocent people. Always.

Since I'm not the police, or council, or judge, or jury, or anyone else who has the power to really do something about bad landlords in our town, my words will do nothing to change the situation, except make it worse for tenants. It's very easy for anyone fairly secure and safe in their own homes to say "name names." They're not the ones who might end up homeless. So that strategy won't work. Informing the public might seem like the whole point of this Diary, but not if it's going to make the problem worse instead of better.

Still, it doesn't mean I'll give up on the topic of slumlords, or stop talking about it. I'll just have to approach it differently from now on. So stay tuned.


  1. Yes, those who take from the public would have everyone believe they are the victim. It's as old as recorded time.

    Nevertheless, thank you for being human and wanting to tell the world to take caution with those who call themselves benefactors to humanity, even when their hands are in someone else's pocket

  2. when are we going to hear the outcome of the slum land lord judge in norristown?????