Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun and Games at Muni Hall

Need a social life this week? One of these gatherings at Municipal Hall this week might fit the bill:

Tonight at 6 pm: A public hearing for 2014 projects to be funded by Community Development Block Grants. The criteria are that projects must benefit low/moderate income neighborhoods, involving the employment of those with low/moderate income, must eliminate slum and blight, and must meet an urgent community development need. These projects could be really good for Norristown. Or they could simply involve developers hawking ill-conceived, low-income housing as they try to make a fast buck off of public grants. You'll never know if you stay home. Until they build ugly high-rise apartments in your back yard.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), from 7-10 pm: Planning Commission hearings concerning a variety of projects, including our old friend, the 24 houses on 2/3 acre debacle at 1202 Dekalb. This will probably be the public's last chance to object to this horrible development, because you know objecting at next week's Council meeting will do no good.  But also on the agenda is a plan for 44 through 50 East Main Street to be consolidated into a single lot. One would assume the plan is to knock down the existing buildings to put up something big. The existing buildings are one story and kind of ugly, so no great loss, but I'd be interested to hear what's planned, given all the talk of grand and glorious 15-story structures at the latest zoning workshops. I can't make this one, so someone fill me in.

Thursday, from 11 am to 2 pm: Question and Answer session regarding the proposed zoning changes. Wouldn't you rather skip lunch at work just for the chance to ask things like, why is the county running these zoning meetings instead of Jayne Musonye, Norristown's Director of Planning? And is the reason why you don't want extra parking behind businesses so that Council can put more parking meters all the way up Dekalb? Things like that. If I have time, I may go for the whole session, just to listen and write down people's questions, then post them here in the blog. Can't make it because of work? I'm guessing they're counting on that.

So there you go, come to one or all three. Bring your friends.

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